Promotions ,Offers & Packages

All offers , promotions and packages are subject to the following terms and conditions.

  • Offers are not cumulative
  • Rates are exclusive & available for  limited time.
  • Matching the prices by providing proof


We know learning to drive could be one of the most exciting, if not challenging, experience for learner drivers.
We also know there are many people who may struggle to pay for their learning. That’s why we have kept things simple and straight forward. Yes, QUALITY LEARNING at affordable prices to help you become a safe driver for life. We simply believe asking pupils to pay for their block booking of 40 hours in advance will be too harsh.
This offer is designed for only beginner learners with a requirement of minimum of 40 hours (20 lessons of 2 hours each). So, a deposit of £100 (instead of payment for entire block booking of 40 hours!) is required upon agreement (official receipt from company will be issued for all deposit payments). This little deposit will give us assurance that you will stay with us until you are safe to pass your test. Obviously there is no contract to be bound, and you can leave us for another instructor at any stage. However, if this happens we take a little amount from your deposit i.e. round up each hour of your first 5 hours to our normal rate of £18.50 and refund you the rest.
Learners should live within 5 miles radius from BL3 postcode to benefit from the offer.
Learners could be saving minimum of £110 with this offer. Outside 5 miles radius can still benefit from starter rate of £18.50 an hour until they pass their practical driving test with us. That simply means we do not increase our starter rate of £18.50 an hour to a higher rate after 40 hours. All other terms and conditions remains the same.


Student’s Special Discounts

Type One Discount:
From £15 an hour and you can save £££100s until you pass (Students can enjoy the benefit of flat rate of £15 an hour until they pass their practical driving test with us. We will save you at least £200 compared to 40 hours of tuition at £20 an hour. However, in order to benefit from this fantastic offer you must be a student beginner learner that requires at least 40 hours of driving tuition which consists of 20 lessons of 2 hours each.

Proof of Student ID card required.

You should live within 5 miles radius from BL3 postcode.

A deposit of £100 must be paid upon agreement.

An official company receipt will be issued for all deposit payments).
Type Two Discount:
For students who live outside 5 miles radius from BL3 postcode we charge a little bit more to cover the extra cost of our travel to your doorstep. We will charge a flat rate of £17.50 an hour. You can still save at least £100 compared to 40 hours of tuition at our normal rate £20 an hour.

All other terms & conditions remains the same.


For all pay as you learn lessons a small reserved deposit which is equivalent to 2 hours tuition will be required after your first lesson if you decide to continue to learn with us.

Any cancellation with less than 24-hour notice will result in a charge equal to 100% of the same cancelled lesson and will be taken from the reserved deposit (obviously we understand extremely exigency situations, and we may use our discretion to not to charge the pupil if we believe cancellation had genuine cause)

NO SHOWS” will be charged 100% of the same lesson length and will be taken from your reserved deposit


if you do block booking of 20 lessons. Each lesson consists of two hours tuition.


If you are booking made by  cheque payment  , your lesson will start immediately at the most convenient time  when  your cheque payment received  into our  account.


Please make sure you have your cash payment on you as driving to a cash point will be inconvenient, and results in arriving at my next lesson late.