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  1. Maziar is a brilliant instructor. I am someone who suffers from concentration issues and from day one, he was patient with me. He breaks down the maneuvers step by step, making sure you understand them completely. Once you have covered everything, he will help you identify your weaknesses and work with you to improve on them. Once you build confidence, he also gives you the option of covering areas that you want to work on.

    Maziar is polite, understanding and will cater to your needs. He is disciplined and always on the ball – you are always in safe hands with him! He is also softly spoken, which is another thing that put me at ease during my lessons.

    It took me four attempts to pass my test, but if it wasn’t for Maziar, I wouldn’t have gotten there.

    I totally recommend him! 10/10 🙌

    Jordan Rising
    8th September 2021
  2. It was my great fortune and pleasure to continue my driving lessons with Maziar, he is such an incredible instructor as I have ever heard and seen. In the beginning, I have been recommended by my two families’ friends who confidently suggested that I should take lessons from him, according to their positive experiences. From a practical point of view, I have been assuredly experienced better, now, of course, I am looking forward to sending my nephew and wife to taking lessons from him.
    I have just passed my driving test with only two minor faults. I had a great journey and remarkable memories while continuing my driving lessons with Maziar. He was always a mindful and creative instructor as which I require to progress my skills in driving. He was not only instructing to improve driving skills but also promoting a positive and growth mind to be more competent in driving for the future continuation as being a good and safe driver. He is one of the best honest, competent, and responsible instructors in the UK. According to my realization and experiences, he is someone who is not money oriented but quality oriented instructor. He has a positive error culture mindset such as if I would make any mistake, he would have encouraged and corrected me with motivational words. He is an intrinsically motivated instructor who has the immense passion to pass his experiences and knowledge to his students in the best possible way.
    “I believe only fortunate students have the opportunity to take lessons from Maziar and become a caring and safe driver for themselves, their family, community and for the entire nation”.

    Md Ismil Hossain
    17th August 2021
  3. I can’t recommend Maziar enough. From my first lesson to my last he has always been so patient and calm with me. I’ve always felt so at ease in his company. I feel so confident with my driving now and I couldn’t pass first time without him. Maziar has been nothing but supportive and he has always encouraged me when I found things difficult. He will not only teach you to pass your driving test but to be a good driver in the future. So glad I chose Maziar Driving School.

    Kiana Tehrani
    15th August 2021
  4. I highly recommend this driving school to anyone out there who’s willing to get their driving license. ✅✅
    I had 14 lessons with Maziar and not only I passed the first time but also I had zero fault 😬
    Shout out to Maziar, my driving instructor, who is super professional, super friendly, soooo patient and understanding. He’s literally the best.
    He doesn’t only teach you how to pass your test, but teach you how to be a good and safe driver. He doesn’t blame you if you make any mistake, instead he motivates you to keep your spirit up.
    Thank you so much Maziar, I feel so lucky to be one of your students, it’s because of your lessons and helps that I get my license today. Thanks 🙂

    12th August 2021
  5. I have just passed my driving test with only one minor fault.
    I had a great journey through my driving lessons with Maziar. He was so mindful instructor in every minutes of my practise. He was educating me all details, needed to know not only for my practical test but also for my future when I will be driving on my own properly. Gave me enough confident, as well through his great attitude as a driving instructor. Moreover, although he did not have time after lockdown, he arranged enough driving sessions for me. I definitely recommend him to every one who wants to start driving.
    Thanks for everything.

    13th July 2021
  6. Maziar is an understanding, patient and a professional instructor.

    I was able to grasp lessons quicker with his teaching style.

    Passed my test with one minor that too on a rainy day of February. So pleased with the results.

    Appreciate your time and all the help.

    Umaima Qureshi
    7th July 2021
  7. From start to finish Maziar was the perfect driving instructor. I had previously been learning in a manual car and decided it wasn’t for me as I still had a massive fear of driving. Fast forward 4 years and I decided to give it another shot in an Automatic. When I was a student of Maziar’s his knowledge of driving and road safety helped give me the confidence I was lacking. Not to mention his genuine belief in me and his calming attitude, I started to enjoy my lessons very much. It took a while to get there with COVID restrictions and stop/starts but we got there in the end and I was thrilled to pass first time with 0 faults. Maziar really is a great instructor and I can’t thank him enough for changing my life for the better. I’m so glad I made the decision to learn to drive with him 😊

    Danielle Potter
    6th July 2021
  8. I just passed my practical test, first attempt.
    Maziar is an excellent driving instructor, he taught me what I need to know to be a safe driver and tips to pass the exam.

    I’m thankful to have been his student and even more thankful I passed the test at first try. Would recommend 100%

    21st June 2021
  9. Hello there,
    Ive been doing my driving lesson with Maziar. I started my tuition frm scratch to end and passed my test on my second attempt 28th April with just 3 FAULTS.
    Maziar is very trustworthy instructor that does his best for his students to be safe and pass their exam on their first attempt.
    Thanks for all the hard works you have done for me.

    Soheila salahi
    7th May 2021
  10. If your looking for a driving instructor choose Maziar he’s an excellent teacher understanding, patient and explains things to help you pass your theory test which I passed with ease.

    Barbara walkden
    15th January 2021
  11. Maziar is a wonderful, calm and patient instructor. Thanks to him I passed first time!

    I was a very anxious driver and was scared of driving to begin with but after a few lessons with Maziar I felt calm and confident driving. I now have no anxiety about driving at all 🙂

    He explains things very simply and clearly, his teaching techniques are very easy to understand.

    He is also very approachable, I asked questions whenever I felt uncertain and he would always answer my questions which helped me learn even more

    I honestly could not recommend him enough, he is a great teacher and taught me everything there is to know about driving! Very grateful I had Maziar as an instructor 🙂

    8th January 2021
  12. At 64 I decided to learn to drive, Maziar has been a excellent teacher , his patience and the way he teaches is amazing . if your looking for an instructor then look no farther, I had never even been behind the wheel of a car and today i passed my test . Thank you Maziar .

    Barbara Walkden
    15th December 2020
  13. what an amazing instructor maziar is. So professional and explains things so clear and helps you to keep calm. I only had limited time with maziar but with what time we had he got me through my test first time and with 0 faults!, definitely will be recommending maziars driving school to friends and family.10/10

    13th March 2020
  14. I was extremely nervous about being amongst traffic and was a complete beginner when I came to Maziar.

    By the 2nd or 3rd lesson I was driving around with confidence in busy rush hour traffic and actually enjoying it. Maziar is probably one of the best driving instructors you will meet, if you stick with him and follow his instructions he will get your driving style in the manner in which it needs to be in order to pass the strange DVLA driving exam. He also knows all the test routes !

    He also very punctual and his communication (via mobile) was excellent.

    I ended up passing first time with no faults at Bolton ! The examiner even complimented me on my driving skills ….Couldn’t believe it myself …. Well done Maziar for showing me how to get through this exam and for your patience throughout !!!

    Choose Maziar, and you will stand an excellent chance of passing first time !

    Dr. Barry Silver
    11th February 2020
  15. I passed my exam.
    Maziyar is a professional teacher with perfect experience.

    Complete satisfaction with him.
    Thanks for all your help Maziyar.

    Parvaneh Zarei
    25th January 2020

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